The Story of Mr. Blue is now FREE

posted on: November 29, 2017

My recently released illustrated tale, The Story of Mr. Blue, is now FREE for three days on Amazon! 

This short story is perfect for families to share.  Detailing the formation of a relationship between the author and a Beta fish, it shows the unique personality of the fish, as well as the growing sense of connection and joy between him and his human family.  Mr. Blue’s life provokes thoughts and discussion on each living creature as well as the love of pets.  

This is my third illustrated short story. They express my desire to meld my art and my writing. 

I timed this offer to coincide with my Christmas Cookie Club party and it will be FREE from Dec. 3- Dec. 5. Please take advantage of it and leave a review so I know what you thought. 

This is my gift to all of you.  Have a wonderful Holiday Season.  

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