Christmas in July: New Honor for The Christmas Cookie Cookbook!

posted on: July 29, 2019


Every once in a while a wonderful surprise is buried among the mountain of emails with great news. Last week an email from my website notified me that my cookbook, The Christmas Cookie Cookbook is included in a list of 11 Delectable Reads for Foodies and Those who Love to Cook! And am especially thrilled that book Marybeth Bayer and I wrote happens to be listed first!  

Ironically,  the days before, I mulled over what cookie to bake for this year’s cookie club.

Yes! In July. In the heat of summer. In the midst of seeing girlfriends for happy-hour downtown,  meeting for walks in the parks or by the river, I start to make plans for fall and the holidays. 

Part of it is that we’re scattered during summer and the cookie club gathers us together for a celebration of friends, family, and community. Each of us bakes an extra dozen cookies for a charity, either Safe House, or Hospice –which imbues the giving, thankful spirit of the winter festivals into the work of cooking, and the party itself.   And of course the party and sharing our cookies is a celebration of friendship.

Attending the first cookie party was the seed for my novel, The Christmas Cookie Club. Cookie recipes begin each chapter sparking the idea for the cookbook with even more additional recipes and suggestions on how to do a holiday cookie club.  Since writing the books, (there’re three novels in series, each with cookie recipes.),  I’ve heard from people all over the world about their cookie clubs. Many had been gathering for years and many started clubs after reading the book.  I received pictures of plates of gorgeous cookies, smiling cooks from across the planet.

It made our world smaller. I became aware of the blessing of the internet: A woman who had just moved to Australia found my book and decided she’d throw a party for her new neighbors and they gave cookies to the hospice.  The director of the hospice thanked me for the inspiration from book and explaining what an meaningful difference home baked cookies made for several people during their final Christmas. Two sisters were reunited by the book. (That story is in this blog!) A woman in Switzerland used the recipes in her bakery!

Marybeth Bayer, the hostess of my cookie party, co-wrote the book with me. We wrote it because cookie parties are an inexpensive way to celebrate those we care about and help our communities. Bonds are built by sharing fun and stories.

Of course, as soon as I received notice of this new honor from Wiki, I contacted Marybeth…who was thrilled that her idea for a party continues growing its own life.

In this blog there are several additional recipes for cookies. 


And stories from other cookie clubs; here’s  one in Switzerland


And here’s a video of the cookies being made at Zingerman’s Bakery.


And thank you, for the honor of being included in your list and being number 1!


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