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About The Story of Mr. Blue



The Story of Mr. Blue is an illustrated short story for children of all ages, and perfect for families to share. Detailing the formation of a relationship between the author and a Beta fish, It shows the unique personality of the fish, the recognition of his memory, and sense of connection and joy between him and his human family.  Mr. Blue’s life provokes thoughts and discussion on each living creature as well as the love of pets.  It is part of Pearlman’s desire to meld her art and her writing. 



While writing, Ann sees scenes playing out in her mind’s eye. Combining pictures with the narrative was her way to share some of her images while words flowed. This is the third in a series of storybooks that contain the thrill of illustrations we loved in books as kids with narratives slated for all ages.

Available as an ebook, we hope you enjoy the experience of The Story of Mr. Blue. 

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