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About Keep The Home Fires Burning

Married people, it had been assumed, had their sexual lives under control and are either completely satisfied with their sex lives or totally non-sexual having given up such distractions for thick mystery novels or an extra hour of sleep. But in Keep the Home Fires Burning Pearlman (Hinton) says it’ time married couples realized the importance that sex plays in their lives from that first day of marriage through senior citizenry. It’s sex and communication that makes a marriage and this book gives a refresher course on maintaining an intimate and fulfilling sexual life. The twelve chapter work includes sections with such provocative and playful titles as “Wholesome Thrills; sexual games”, “Fantasies and Trusts,” and “Baubles and Gadgets–xxx rated toys.” It also deals with the serious subjects of sex for older couples, effects of pregnancy and childbirth, various illnesses, and the problems parenthood produces.

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Keep the Home Fires Burning speaks to every married person who has, from time to time, been frustrated by boring sex, or tempted by the thought of an extramarital affair.” Cincinnati Enquirer

“Every couple’s sexual relationship changes over time. Keep the home fires burning during the worst situations by following these guidelines.” Complete Woman

Keep the Home Fires Burning is open-minded about marriage saving…” —Time 

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