A Christmas Cookie Club Party during Covid! Yes, we did it!

posted on: December 8, 2020

Last year, as I ended the story about our annual Christmas Cookie Club party I wished everyone a wonderful holiday season. “ And a peaceful 2020.”

Well, we haven’t had a peaceful year.  In fact, 2020 is probably the most chaotic, frightening and tumultuous year for our country during our lifetimes.  And yet, we develop ways to keep our cherished traditions and friendship groups alive.  For me, and for my cookie club friends, our party, which has been meeting for over two decades, is one of those loved annual traditions. 

Yes, we were going to have a pandemic cookie party.  So I decided to make peanut butter with chocolate cookies.  I used a recipe that won a cookie contest as part of publicity for The Christmas Cookie Club novel of peanut butter cookies, but with the addition of pecans.  And since my kids love peanut butter with chocolate, I added melted semi sweet or milk chocolate to the tops of the cookies.  Then wrapped them up to be delivered. 

We met in front of one member’s garage, and distributed our cookie packages to each of our members.  The garage hostess had a fire pit with magical blue flames that helped keep us warm.  

Christmas Cookie Club friends masked
to exchange our cookies

Of course, we each donated a dozen cookies to a charity.  Because of Covid some of our usual recipients couldn’t take them, but the firefighters were thrilled.  “Homemade Christmas cookies! Hell, yeah.” 

The next day, the first Monday in December, just like always, was our party.   I opened a fortune cookie saved from a take out dinner. The fortune said,  “You will attend a party where unusual customs will prevail.”  I knew that one would come true soon. 

Packaged Cookies

I got dressed for the party, (And put on make-up! ) gathered a plate with each of the cookies, and turned on my computer.  Now I had taken Zoom classes, heard Zoom lectures on various subjects, and Zoom conferences and meetings, but I was a Zoom party virgin.  

Zoom Christmas Cookie Party

There were my dear friends without masks in the little squares. We were able to laugh, talk, taste cookies, and drink wine. Joke and tease.  Just be friends together. We continued our usual tradition talking about our cookie recipes, family news, how we were getting through the quarantine restrictions.  We shared our usual warmth and good cheer. The months of quarantining and masking and isolation did not diminish our love and enjoyment of each other. And of course the cookies are delicious and will be shared with family and friends.  

         We didn’t sing, or dance, or eat appetizers.  But we were together, celebrating our lives, courage, and the conviction that next year we will be together in person to dance, sing, joke and continue our friendship. Regardless we bring light to the darkest time of the year. 

7 thoughts on “A Christmas Cookie Club Party during Covid! Yes, we did it!

  1. Karin Blazier says:

    Yay Ann!!
    Love you my sweetheart

  2. Wendy says:

    A cookie party to remember! Thanks for documenting and celebrating!

  3. Wendy Raymond says:

    A cookie party to remember! Thanks for documenting and celebrating!

  4. Jeannie Diaz says:

    Oh yes! This surely does bring light to these dark days.

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