I Feel Bad about Nora Ephron

When Nora Ephron died this week I missed her as if I knew her instead the far away missing of an admired writer and director.  Nora had the more intimate impact of a friend on my life rather than a celebrity. Her novel, Heartburn is stacked with my cookbooks.  The paperback covered by a heart,… Read more

On Luck

I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of luck. Maybe it’s because I feel so fortunate to be alive which, after all, is the most amazing luck of all. Even as a kid, once I understood the facts of life, I pondered what would have happened if my parents hadn’t had sex that night. I… Read more

What I’m Reading

I’m a promiscuous reader, enjoying non-fiction and fiction in all genres.  Recently, at the behest of my daughter, I read Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games  trilogy, and was enveloped by the page turning plot, the heroine’s personality, and the description of the dismal world of the future.  Each chapter (and indeed each book) ended with… Read more