The Page 69 Test for A Gift for My Sister

A Gift for My Sister  arrived by UPS today and, after admiring the spectacular job my publisher has done,  (galleys and digital images can’t prepare for the beauty of suede matt cover juxtaposed with shiny foil print) I opened to page 69 with the held breath of excitement and trepidation wondering what I would find…. Read more

Thank you, Christmas Cookie Club fans…

  I’m so grateful for your support I want to give something back to readers who have given me so much. We’ve had such a wonderful time on this page.  We’ve shared stories of cookie exchanges, and the warm feeling that donating home-baked cookies provides.  We’ve shared cookie recipes, pictures from cookie exchanges and friends…. Read more

Where I write

I’m a traveling writer who practices a disciplined routine. Now, the place changes, but time is constant. This is a result of the years I stole time and places to write while maintaining my practice as a psychotherapist and raising three kids. I wrote in between patients in my office. In the afternoons, I scribbled… Read more

On the Birth of a Book

Today, May 1, 2012, my book, A Gift for My Sister, was born.  Yes, the process is like a pregnancy except exxxtrrremmmelllly extended. Yes, there’s a burst of exaltation when it’s finally on stands in bookstores across the country, and “add to cart” buttons on online websites. So today my baby is finally out in… Read more